This profile has been created for all the car showrooms and independent workshops, who work with Industrial vehicles, Machinery or cars.


The possibility and variety that our Company can offer you are multiple. Depending on each case or situation, you can count on us for:

  • Repair of manual, automatized, automatic gear boxes, axles and steerings
  • Technical support in your facilities, on the road or at your client´s facilities.
  • Telephonic advice
  • Big stock inour product to provide the best service.
  • Spare parts shop
  • Elaboration of technical reports

Summarizing, Autosur will provide you security and prestige to your clients, because of the service, the quality and the personalizes attention,which are the principles of our daily job. It will also allow you to solve any working situation maximizing your client´s satisfaction. With us, you will never walk alone.




Whatever is your vehicle or your question, whenever you are and you find yourself in trouble, please call us, and we will find you the most trustworthy solution and adjusted to your needs. You know that join the leader is a good beginning.

Reasons to choose us

The best products for your company

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