This profile has been created for those, like you, working in the cleaning and maintaining of our roads, towns and cities keeping them nice and clean.


The clue factors  in your daily Works are very demanding, and the service it´s always compromised with the Administration, also the distance between stops, the capacity and the control of costs in you exploitation (engines, coachbuilders, gearboxes, acids corrosion…).

This is why you require an optimum service. Fast, secure and fair.

The gearboxes installed on your trucks or tanks are:

  • Mechanical or manual: these are the oldest models. These gear boxes as known as synchronized. Theones you normally use are ZF (or Iveco) with 6, 8 and 9 speeds. The life or behavior on these gearboxes, can be affected mainly by the following: oil level, the clutch and the gearshift lever. You must take into account that the excess of the stops and starts, can damage or can cause the deterioration in the clutch, and because of that, the performance in the gearboxes and clutches can be severely affected. Other factors like the way of driving, are clearly determined for optimizing their life…that´s why it is good to have settled the drivers scheduled.
  • Semiautomatic or automatized: these ones are more modern than the ones named before. These gear boxes work without the clutch pedal, working directly from an electronic device and a pneumatic unit in charge of giving the gear changing the order to the “actuators”, depending on the information received from the different sensors. The actuator, function as the foot and activates the clutch (the same as the one installed in a mechanical box) making possible to change the gears, or that have been programmed or the ones wished. They can also have Intarder or Retarder, together with its cooler. The main brands are ZF, Volvo, Scania and Mercedes Benz.
  • Automatic gear boxes: these gear boxes work with torque converter and “packets” of discs activated through the opening and closing of pistons triggered by the containing oil. These gearboxes completely eliminate the action of driving, because their maintenance in more specific, becauise they have to have the correct oil level and keep it in the best condition possible. This is the reason why the oil is for the gear box, what the blood is for the human body, because not only works as a lubricant for the different parts but it also protects them absorbing the energy produced by the contact pressure and the thermic energy produced by friction transforming the energy in the torque converter and the retarder integrated , it also have to have the necessary additives to preserve it from pollution and the loss of properties that might affect the capacity of pressure and loss of thermic energy. The same way the cooler has an important role in the gear box performance. These types of gear boxes require a keypad, a switchboard, a cooler and various sensors who can provide information and an electric installation capable of allowing communication between the electronic components of the bus. The most common used brands are ZF and ALLISON.


A part from the gear box, other components that you have installed and which Autosur knows perfectly well are:

  • Power take-offs (PTO): they are used to move the torque and the rotation to other applications in the machine, like for example to raise cranes, tanks…the most used brands are CHELSEA and BEZARES. 
  • Steering systems: the hydraulic systems have been and still being the base of our Company. These systems stand out for security systems in which any negligence or fefault can be the origin of important incidents. This systems consist on: steering pumps, steering cylinders, valvs, orbitrol…in which the pressure and flow are the clue to ensure the security and confort. The brands most used are ZF, LÜK, TRW…


In Autosur de Levante, S.A. we have more than 30 years of experience repairing and solving problems in the passenger´s transport companies, like for example companies of city transport, small and big fleets, and a lot of different situations on the road or in the cities. We own a big stock of gearboxes (ZF y Allison ,mainly) and its peripheral components (keypads, switchboards, coolers, facilities..) and also excellent facilities where we can dismantle and assembly into the buses or coaches, in a safe and efficient way. Also mention that we have a big human team for the “Public Works and Special Vehicle section, where we can offer you the best service with the best quality and personalized and professional treatment.



If you need or require advice about what type of gear box you must install in your vehicle, what´s the problem if it doesn’t work correctly, the cost or repair or even if you have any other question, please do not hesitate in contact us, and we will try to find the solution or give you the best recommendation possible.

Whatever is your truck (or machine) or your question, whenever you are and you find yourself in trouble, please call us, and we will find you the most trustworthy solution and adjusted to your needs. You know that join the leader is a good beginning.

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