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RETARDER VOITH is the hydraulic brake system of the gear box (mechanic or manual) designed by VOITH.

VOITH’s RETARDER offers a wide range of models depending on the use and assembly, since the latest can be connected to the box or connected to the axle of the vehicle transmission (free assembly).

The system consists of a set of pieces called rotor and inductor that they work so that the flow of oil that is established among them is accelerated by the rotor (connected to the axle of the vehicle) and stopped by the inductor. This effect is translated in a continuous retention of the axle and, into the vehicle.

The key parameters in these hydraulic systems are: the level of oil, the temperature, the rpm and other services of the vehicle like the ABS. They have an integrated  cooler or heat interchanger to support the ideal temperature of work since, in the hydraulic process of stopped, the kinetic energy transforms in heat energy. The principal current models are:

  • VR 115 (E-H-HR-HV): for Mercedes Benz, Daimler AG trucks.
  • VR 120 (-2, S-2, -3, -4): for intercity and coaches and for mid load trucks
  • VR 123: for trucks, buses and coaches less  than 18 Ton.
  • VR 133 (-2): for heavy load trucks and coaches
  • VR 3250: Assembled in trucks Volvo FM and FH and in Renault VI:  Magnum, Premium, Lander y Kerax and their differences take place in the manufacturer of the vehicle or OEM (Mercedes, Renault, Volvo …) and in the nominal braking torque.

To consult the technical information please visit: Retarder Voith en www.voith.com