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The gear box DIWA 3E is an evolution of the DIWA 3. It is a completely automatic gear box and consists of the obtaining of the relation of transmission adapted by means of disk stacks of friction that drive the planetary ones of exit offering the couple needed by electronic signs.

The design of the transmission DIWA 3E and with the difference of its preceding transmission (DIWA 3) the new one has a few details such as being more light, the oil filter location, the position of the electric signs and the pump.

Like any other DIWA the main characteristic on these designs of the gear box are the Hydrodamp of hydrodynamic compensation, who works absorbing the engine vibrations to the gearbox. We are also the brake of bomb, the differential transmission and axle of entry.

On the other hand, it has integrated the Retarder which acts by means of at hydraulic differential converter. This way, it is allowed the conduction and the stopped one by means of a hydraulic circuit and manage to reduce the load of brake and the time of response after the activated one of the retarder. The response is fast and gives security to the driver. The gradient of temperature reached is compensated in the circuit by cooler integrated to the one that produces the evacuation of the heat build-up to itself. As for changes gear, the unit of electronic management E200 acts registering the acceleration of vehicle and fitting automatically the points of change according to the topography and the load.